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Mescheveuxchic full set

Your hair is damaged, dry and lifeless. you have tried everything from thickening from shampoo to conditioners that promise to give you the luscious locks of a shampoo commercial model, but nothing works.



.Hair loss can be caused by many factors including stress nutrients deficiencies,homonal imbalances ,and genetics.But if youe scalp itchy or dry then there could be something else going on inside your follicles that needs attention.



Mescheveuxchic natural herbal shampoo contain aloe vera which helps with growth nd nourishes the scalp; ginseng extract,which help prevent hair fall due to breackge;biotin which improve elasticity;(vitaminb3 for strenghtening weak strands; (provitamin b5 for moisturizing dryness and improving manageability;vitamin E for conditioning and shine as well as peppermint essential oil which help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp to incourage and promote growth! 

Mescheveuxchic full set

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