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  • How can I define my curly texture hair?
    We recommend treating this hair as your own. Wash your hair with regularly sulfate free shampoo & conditioner.Use a small drop (dime size) of oil after washing. For the best results let hair air dry.
  • Can i pay extra money to expedite my order?
    Unfortunately this option is currently unavailable.
  • What is your return/refund policy?
    Due to the nature of this business refunds are not accepted. If you have received the wrong item(s) a return will only be accepted and you will be responsible for shipping fee. Because of this policy, we strongly urge you to double check your order before making your payment & submitting your order. Please read our policies on our policy page.
  • My order is during a sales period ,when should i expect my hair?"
    Our processing time usually takes 3-5 BUSINESS days. During a sales period, time is prolonged. It may take an additional 5 business days before your order is shipped. After it is shipped you should receive your order 2-3 business days.
  • Can I dye/color the hair?
    Yes the hair can be colored/dyed. At times the chemicals in some products may loosen the curl pattern. Be sure to apply a generous amount of moisturizer to the hair after coloring/dying the hair.
  • I just ordered my hair today, when will I receive my order?"
    On average, most customers receive their hair in about 4-7 business days from the time that they place their order. We strongly recommend that you plan wisely and allow yourself time to receive your hair or Cosmetic items while we make sure to give you the best & highest quality Service Although we have no control over USPS delays please prepare for unexpected weather related conditions.
  • Can I straighten each texture?
    Yes you can straighten & re-curl the hair. Unfortunately our kinky (goddess curly) texture will not get bone straight. It is full of texture and will mimic a KINKY STRAIGHT texture.We recommend using heat protectant to all our hair before applying heat & proper hair care should always be applied.
  • How long will my hair last?
    With proper hair care our hair last 2+years."
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